Alaska Farm and Garden Show

The Alaska Farm & Garden Show

The Alaska Farm and Garden Show is in February. Snow is still on the ground, but we all know how fast summer arrives… This show is an opportunity to get in the mindset and prepare for the rapidly approaching Alaskan Summer. 

Get ahead of the curve. You’ll meet hundreds of vendors, exhibitors, and local experts at the show. They have the products, advice and knowledge you need to help you hone your homesteading skills!


You’ll meet hundreds of hundreds of vendors at the Farm & Garden Show. Most of these vendors are Alaskan businesses, and they come with a wealth of information, experience, and products for all of your garden, farm, or homestead needs. 

Seminars & Presentations

The full list of seminars and the schedules will be available soon. Seminars will include information on starting your Alaskan garden, food preservation, chicken farming, sourdough bread baking, and so much more!


You will find information from various vendors on building your own greenhouse, having a greenhouse built to suit your needs, or purchasing a stock greenhouse! With Alaska’s varying summer weather (you never know what you’re going to get!), generally cooler temperatures, and shorter summers than what you would find in the lower 48, a greenhouse can really expand your growing potential!

Landscaping & Gardening

Visit with several landscaping businesses or other vendors to explore your landscaping needs. You will find vendors with a wealth of information and resources for growing your own vegetable or flower gardens. 

Chickens, Eggs, & Coops

Have you ever thought of owning chickens? It seems to be a growing hobby or lifestyle recently! Or perhaps you are interested in connecting with farmers selling local eggs. Find all your chicken information or needs here!

Raising Livestock in Alaska

Alaska has unique factors to consider when raising livestock or other animals, particularly in regards to our weather and darkness challenges. Connect with local farms to learn everything you need to know about raising animals.

Solar and Alternate Energy

Whether you are on the grid or off the grid, solar and other energy alternatives can help you achieve the self-sufficiency you are looking for in a viable Alaskan homestead.

Vegetable Gardening

Vegetable gardening in Alaska offers unique challenges and rewards. For example, we are home to several giant, record-setting vegetables! We have various vendors and seminars to help you plan a successful summer garden.

Pest Control

Ok, so you figured out your garden plan and everything is going swimmingly. That is, until you notice the slugs and aphids moving in. Come by to learn ways to mitigate those pests! You will also find resources and vendors that work to control mosquito populations, carpenter ants, and other Alaska pests. You may also want to visit our fencing distributors for those larger pests – i.e. if you have ever had to yell at a moose to stop eating your garden!

Beekeeping and Honey

Visit our local honey distributors or learn about doing your own bee keeping. 

Food Preservation and Storage

Has the challenge of food preservation felt overwhelming or perhaps you just don’t know where to start? Come learn about food canning, freeze drying, and other forms of preservation. Additionally, you will find vendors simply selling local preserved foods if you prefer to let someone else do the work!

Outbuildings and Fencing

Find resources to build or purchase greenhouses, chicken coops, barns, sheds, and more! 

Sourdough Bread Making

Sourdough bread making is easier than it seems! It is a lower glycemic bread with more health benefits than most other breads and it contains very few ingredients. Come learn how to get started, grow your practice, or simply connect with local bakers to purchase bread. 


MATSU Events LLC is a family-owned event and promotion company located in Willow, Alaska. We are proud to sponsor large annual trade show events in Southcentral Alaska such as The Mat-Su Outdoorsman Show, The Holiday Expo at Dena’ina, the Mat-Su RV and Powersports Expo, and now the Alaska Farm and Garden Show!